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Wood boring auger bits

The auger bit has a helical screw blade for boring deep and large diameter holes into the all types of wood. It is one of the most common types of wood boring bits. Traditionally, it was used in a hand brace, currently the wood boring auger bits are made for use both in power tools and brace. Many companies like Irwin, Milwaukee, Bosch etc. make this tool. All auger bits are not same; they come in a variety of ‘patterns’ or shapes. These bits range in diameter from 1/4 inch to 1 inch. They are long than others bits which makes them nice for long or deep holes. So they can able to bore deep holes which are very smooth. The screw blade can also act as conveyor to remove shavings or debris from the hole. Different types and designs auger bits are available for boring holes. It consists of feed screw, cutting lip, flute, spur, twist, shank, and tang.

What is an Auger?

A wood auger is a drilling device which is used for making holes in wood. It includes a rotating helical screw blade to drill and remove the drilled out material. It may also have a guide screw on the tip to draw the bit into the wood with using less force.

Types of auger bits

There are different types and designs auger bits are available in the market for boring holes such as pole auger bit, Ship Auger Bits, Solid Center Auger, Spur Auger Bits. Each of the bits has unique designs to easily eject chips from the hole during drilling. According to twisting the wood boring auger bits are two types; single helical twist and double helical twist. The single helical twist has a solid center and one cutting twist whereas the cutting twist is wrapped around the solid center. On the other, the double twist also known as Jennings bit which is stronger and very fast chips cleaners. These bits range in diameter from 1/4 inch to 1 inch.

Can I use an auger bit in a power drill?

Traditionally, the auger bit was used in a hand brace, but at the present time the wood auger bits are also made for use in power drill. The auger bit with tapered square shank is suitable for brace while the straight-shank version is suitable for power drill. When auger bit is used in power drill, its speed should not exceed more than 600-700 rpm. All long wood auger bits feature 7/16″ adaptable hex shanks.

What are auger bits made of?

The auger bits are now made from higher carbon steel for more rigid and resilient properties. These bits are softer than the bits which are making from high speed steel. This soften property makes them popular for cutting wood. The drill bits are also made of Titanium bit, titanium nitride or titanium carbonitride coated, Cobalt, or Cobalt coated. The coated bits have more strength compare to their un-coating bits. High speed steel (HSS) is steel alloyed with cobalt, tungsten or molybdenum, or coating with titanium, black oxide, or carbide tipped.

Which drill bit is for Wood?

It is necessary to bore a hole in almost every type of woodworking project. Many things like medium, surface of the projects play an important role for drilling a hole. Since the wood is softer than metal, so the wood drill requires less force than metal.

Titanium and cobalt bits are useful for wood project. But they can be a little too strong for wood projects. So they shouldn’t be your first choice. In this case the bit has some slipping risk. On the other hand the coating of Cobalt and titanium will change the behavior of the Cobalt and titanium bit. The Titanium-coated drill bits have reduced friction which is best for hardwood, softwood, PVC, fiberglass and steel. But the price is comparatively high. Cobalt and cobalt coated drill bits are used for drilling hard metal and steel.

How do you drill through an auger bit?

An agar bit is designed to run very slowly and with minimal pressure, the RPM of which is usually around 600-700 during drilling.

How do you sharpen auger drill bits?

Wood auger bit can be sharpened. Titanium coated drill bits are coated with Titanium nitride which is gold in color. If these auger drills bits are sharpen then the coating will be affected. On the other hand Cobalt bit is an alloy material. When you sharpen an auger bit you have to be careful not to damage the bit.

Best wood boring auger bits

The key to choosing the best wood extrusion bit is the width and depth of the holes required, how important the speed is to you, and how long the blade will last. Normally Irwin, Milwaukee, Bosch etc manufacturing companies made the best bit for wood.

Irwin auger bits

IRWIN is one of the leading manufacturers of wood drilling bits company. The bits have durable hardened cutting edge for long life in tough materials, including nail-embedded wood. Fits both hand braces and power drills. The power drills bit Available in both 7/16″ and 5/8″ impact rated shank sizes. The Taper square shank containing bit is fits for hand braces. The common IRWIN Auger Bits are pole auger bit, Ship Auger Bits, Solid Center Auger.

IRWIN Weldtec Ship Auger, 5/8-Inch x 17-Inch (3043007)

The IRWIN WeldTec 5/8-inch Ship Auger Bit features a hard cutting edge which provides an extended cutting life. The strength and durability of the bits are improved by weld to the base material. It is 17 inch long and has 7/16-inch quick-change impact shank. It is made of alloy steel. The tool is perfect for any woodworking project.

Milwaukee auger bit

Milwaukee Auger Drill bits make easy work of a variety of drilling tasks and reduce the effort required for each hole. The auger design pulls the drill into the wood, increasing the efficiency of the operation. The new Ship Auger bits are constructed of high carbon steel and feature a new cutting head design with a special heat treatment process to provide optimal life.

Milwaukee 48-13-3000 3 Piece Ship Auger Set

Milwaukee ship auger bits have a new through center cutting design for improved life in nail-embedded wood. The set includes 3 piece ship auger bits that are ½ inch, ¾ inch and 1 inch. The Length of these bits is 18 inch and the Twist Length is 15 inch. The longer shaft length makes it easy to drill deeper or overhead without an extension. Each of the bits contains 7/16″ Hex Shank. It is made in China by Stainless Steel. This product is durable and easy to use. The flute of the wood auger bits is coated and wide enough to remove the maximum amount of chips. Even deep hole chips can be removed nicely. Moreover, the bits are suitable for electrical and plumbing work.

Bosch auger bit

Bosch wood boring auger bits offer leading-edge technology in wood drilling. It is designed for superior performance against nail hits.

Bosch NKMT13 13/16 In. x 13 In. Daredevil Auger Bits

Bosch Daredevil auger bits offer leading-edge technology in wood drilling. Here the letters “NK” mean nail killer. The design Dual cutting edges deliver easier nail cutting and balanced drilling. The Open-faced and Wider flute of the bits offers improved chip removal. A reinforced spine delivers additional strength during aggressive drilling. It is made of high-grade steel for longer bit life and ease of use.


When choosing a wood auger bit, it is important that you pay attention to your needs. Also, the manufacturer provides the wood boring auger bits with instructions on the safety, maintenance, and optimal use of each drill bit that all users must comply with.