Woodworking measuring tools

Measuring is the fundamental part for woodworking. When carpenters use the measuring tools properly then they can complete the work clean and accurately. Consequently low loss of wood, high productivity and the furniture looks fine and high quality. You should remember that it needs somewhat extra wood during wood processing like smoothing. So you should careful when measuring the wood. There are so many woodworking measuring tools. But the following tools are very important. Always choose the right tools to measure according to design.
Woodworking measuring tools

Measuring tape
Normally these carpenters measuring tools are used for long straightforward distance measurement. It is made of stainless steel, leathers or fabrics. It may contain a handle or a bottom for controlling the tape. The tape can be found as inches, foot, cm or mm. Different lengthened measuring tape can be found but 16 feet tape is work finely in wood shop. You can also use 12 feet tape but larger than 16 feet is not suitable for woodworking. You can accurately measure the inside and outside of a case or drawer. If the end hook gets damage then you should have to replace the tape. Otherwise the measurement will be affected.

Framing square
During assembly this instruments keep the furniture square. It may be different sizes. But the 24 by 16 inches tool is the large one which is normally used in carpentry.

Try square
Try square is as similar as larger framing squares for constructed right angles.

Combination square
The combination square is a favorite tool to many woodworkers for a variety of layout tasks like marking across boards. You can use this tool to mark accurate 90º and 45º angles. Several sizes tools are available such as from 4-12 inches. It is one of the most multipurpose woodworking measuring tools in the shop. It has an adjustable head which is crucial for calibrating or checking machinery and laying out joinery.

Sliding T- bevel
Many joinery projects needs different angles such as 45. Sliding T-bevel is great for these types of projects. It has an adjustable lock. You can lock it at any angle. Moreover you can also shorten as you needed.

Short ruler
A tape measure is use as one kind of ruler. But sometimes it may create a problem. For example, when you want to take a measurement in the middle of a workpeices, it may not provide the accurate measurement. In this case you can use a short ruler comfortably. It is compact size which is easily fit into a pocket. The other advantages of this ruler over the large ruler are easy to read marking, thin blade and distinct. A short ruler like 6 inches ruler is essential for all sorts of precise layout tasks. You can keep this ruler into your pocket at all the time.

Folding ruler
For a longer measurement in the middle of a workpeice, a tape measure or short ruler is not suitable. A measuring tape has a hook on one end so it can affect on accurate measurement. In this case you can easily work with a folding ruler which will provide accurate measurement. Moreover, it can also provide excellent measurement inside a case or a box. It is also easily fit into a pocket.

Zig zag ruler
This ruler looks like as folding type ruler. Zig zag ruler can be one or two miter long and has many folding. When you needs folding, then you should fold carefully; otherwise it may be broken. The tape can be found as inches, foot, cm or mm.

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